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Sailboats in 2012 Summer Olympics


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Men’s Keelboat - Star
Star keelboat

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Originally designed in 1910 by Francis Sweisguth, and refined many times over the years, the Star keelboat began competing in the 1932 Olympics. It has been a classic competitor in all the Olympics since except for 1976. With its fixed keel, and carrying a huge main above a long boom, the Star requires considerable technical skill from the double-handed crew.


Length overall: 6.92 m
Beam: 1.73 m
Draft: 1.02 m
Displacement: 671 kg
Sail area: 24.1 sq m mainsail, 4.6 sq m headsail

Shown in photo: Peter O'Leary and Stephen Milne of Ireland in the 2008 Olympics

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