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The Boating Apps You Need

Memory-Map Android App

For Apple or Android devices, many hundreds of apps are available for navigation, weather, tides, quick reference information, sailing games, and much, much more. Start here to read the reviews of the very best, must-have apps for your smartphone or tablet.  

Key Knots for Sailors
Sailing Spotlight10

Time to Sail On

This will be my last blog post on this site and my final weekly newsletter as I sail on to a new time in my life. It's been a good cruise on this website, and

It's Never Too Early to Plan for a Safe Boating Season

It's still early spring and many of us in northern climates haven't even begun to think of launching our boats, but in warmer climates the Coast Guard continues

Review of As Long As It's Fun by Herb McCormick

Review of As Long As It's Fun by Herb McCormick is a wonderful biography of the great sailors Lin and Larry Pardey. Read the full review here.

Good Books for Would-Be Cruisers

I've recently read and reviewed a couple books that may be of interest to you if you're considering living aboard a boat and/or going cruising long-term. Both

Review of "The Cruising Life" by Jim Trefethen

The Cruising Life: A Commonsense Guide for the Would-Be Voyager by Jim Trefethen is a good book for sailors contemplating going off cruising long-term. Read the full review here.

Review of "Know Your Boat" by David Kroenke

"Know Your Boat" by David Kroenke is a guide to understanding, maintaining, and troubleshooting marine systems on your sailboat or powerboat. Read the full review here.

Key West in Winter

Cruising just about anywhere on your sailboat is great fun, of course, but for us northern types who suffer a wintry off-season, the lower Florida Keys and Key

Review of Gently with the Tides by Michael L Frankel

Gently with the Tides by Michael L Frankel is a good collection of articles from Living Aboard magazine. Read the review here.

Heading South for Sailing

It's 20 degrees here in New England with a foot of snow on the ground, and I'm ready to head south for sailing. Our cruising boat will be under shrink wrap for

The Sloop Sailboat Rig

A sloop-rigged sailboat, also called a Bermuda sloop, is defined by having a single mast near the center of the boat and a tall triangular mainsail on the mast.

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