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Learn About Sailboats and How to Sail


Getting started sailing involves learning about sailboats and number of skills needed for sailing. Start here for an introduction to sailboats and basic sailing techniques. Also included are safety on the water, including required safety gear and equipment, and sailing laws and regulations.
  1. Introduction to Sailboats
  2. Basic Sailing Techniques
  3. Safety on the Water

Introduction to Sailboats

Small Sailboat

Sailboats vary in many ways, from size and shape to number of masts and sails. Learn about different types of sailboats and differences in keels, rudders, and other design aspects that affect how they sail.

Basic Sailing Techniques

Sailing on Broad Reach

There's a lot to know about how to use the boat's sails to keep the boat moving and how to maneuver by tacking and gybing through different points of sail in the wind. But it's not difficult to learn how to handle a sailboat when you take it one step at a time. Learn also about essential sailboat knots, docking, mooring, and anchoring.

Safety on the Water

Inflatable PFD

Just as important as knowing how to sail the boat is staying safe on the water. Learn the principles of safety and navigation, including the use of essential safety gear and paying attention to the weather.

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