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Sailing Areas & Destinations

You can sail in almost any body of water large enough for a boat, but different skills may be needed and there are different dangers in cold water or offshore. Lean how to be prepared. Read about popular cruising destinations all around North America.
  1. Ports and Marinas

Best Sailing Harbors – Favorite Harbors for Sailors
What makes a harbor a favorite sailing destination? Read what others have to say and share your own favorites.

Best Sailing Harbors
When sailors get together and talk about where they’ve been and where they’re going, there’s always some debate about favorite harbors. Classic spots are known in most areas, yet sailors are always looking for Shangrila, that one perfect harbor.

Atlantic Cruising Club Guides to Marinas
The new editions of the Atlantic Cruising Club Marina Guides are now in full color and include a DVD of full marina information and photos. Read this review to see how these marina guides compare with other cruising guides and whether they will help you find your preferred destinations when you’re cruising.

Cruising Destination: Downeast Maine
For many sailors who cruise the American Northeast, Downeast Maine is the ultimate cruising destination. And for those sailing all the way past Bar Harbor and the tourist coast of Maine, Roque Island is the penultimate harbor. Read about this great sailing destination and see why it becomes an unforgettable memory for every sailor who has ever...

Cruising Destination: Key West
Key West is one of the great American cruising destinations for sailors. In the winter it is perhaps the best place to spend some time with your sailboat, with great marinas and anchorages and lots to do both on the water and on shore. Read all about it!

Sailing Charters in the Caribbean and Bahamas
It can be difficult to choose a sailing charter company from the many charter bases and boats in the Caribbean and Bahamas. Read this article for how to find the best boating charters and browse through the varying services provided by many Caribbean bareboat charter companies.

Sailing Destinations: Bermuda
Bermuda is a popular sailing destination or layover point for sailors transiting to or from the US East Coast, Canada, or the Caribbean, and is the finish line for several classic sail races. It has much to offer both the cruising and racing sailor.

ActiveCaptain Interactive Cruising Guidebook
Before you go cruising, plan ahead with with Active Captain. It contains information about tens of thousands of marinas around the country and the world, as well as anchorages and navigational information. It's free on the web and also built into many apps for Apple and Android devices.

Ocean Cruising Club Port Information
The Ocean Cruising Club is an organization of sailors who have sailed at least 1000 miles nonstop offshore. A key benefit is their Flying Fish publication that includes information about cruising destinations around the world. Club members in major locations in most cruising countries volunteer as port officers to assist cruisers visiting their area and provide additional port information.

Cruising Guides
A traditional source of information about cruising areas and destinations is specialized cruising guides for coasts, islands, and larger areas. Such guides include maps and chart sketches, port and facility information, and frequently a guide to attractions ashore. Here’s a good online source for purchasing cruising guides for areas around the globe.

Sailing in Europe
Here's the best web site for information about European sailing destinations and sailboat charters.

Sailing Destination: U.S. Virgin Islands
Sailing charters in or cruising to the U.S. Virgin Islands is about as good as it gets in the Caribbean, with good anchorages and beaches.

Sailing in New Caledonia
Here's a great place to charter a sailboat north of New Zealand.

Sailing in New Zealand
Charter a sailboat in New Zealand for some great cruising.

Sailing Destination: Bahia Honda Key, Florida
The marina at Bahia Honda State Park in the lower Florida Keys is a great place to tow your trailerable sailboat and offers great sailing opportunities.

ActiveCaptain Interactive Cruising Guidebook
Of all the websites and apps providing cruising sailors and boaters with information about marinas, anchorages, and local features, ActiveCaptain is the best. Learn more here.

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