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Resources for Sailors

Everything you ever wanted to know and more—locate it here. A directory of books, videos, organizations, web sites, and other resources about sailing.
  1. Best Sailing Books (36)

Review of Morning Light Sailing Movie
The 2009 Disney documentary Morning Light follows a team of 15 youthful sailors as they train for and compete in the Transpac sailboat race across the Pacific. Now on DVD.

U.S. Sailboat Shows 2010
Here are the 2010 dates, locations, and web links for major U.S. boat shows featuring sailboats.

Good Old Boat Magazine
The slogan for Good Old Boat magazine is “The Sailing Magazine for the Rest of Us!”—which means essentially everyone who owns or sails or is interested in sailboats except for someone shopping for an expensive, brand-new boat. This magazine is chockfull of articles covering almost everything you need to keep your sailboat running or make...

Weather Data from NOAA Buoys
You should know current weather conditions before and while sailing. U.S. coastal sailors can check the NOAA National Data Buoy Center web site for current information from automated buoy reports, including wind speed and direction, air pressure and changes, wave height, and more. Once underway, without an Internet connection, you can obtain...

Choosing a Book on Seamanship
Two comprehensive texts on seamanship vie for the attention of sailors. Which you choose, and which you may eventually need, depends on how much you know now about sailing and how much you may need to know in the future.

US Radar Images
Before leaving for the boat to go sailing, it’s a good idea to check to see if a storm may be headed your way. This National Weather Service site shows you what’s coming. You can choose national, regional, and local views and gauge the speed of approaching weather by watching motion loops.

Tide and Current Charts
Ocean sailors know the importance of monitoring tides and currents. This site provides tidal information for all areas along the US coasts as well as current speeds and even the times of sun and moon rise and set. You can customize the information in various formats for time periods of your choice.

Guide to the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway
The Atlantic ICW is one of the busiest waterways in North America, typically full of boats transiting south for winter and north for summer. This online guide provides essential information for cruisers headed for the ICW with updates on problems such as shoaling areas and bridge repairs.

Organize and Stay Mobile with Your Boat Information
Use your laptop to store boat information so that you always have it with you whenever you need it.

Best Sailing and Boating Apps
Many apps can help you out with navigation and other seamanship skills. Get started here.

"The International Marine Book of Sailing" by Robby Robinson - Book Review

"Three Ways to Capsize a Boat" by Chris Stewart - Book Review

"Maiden Voyage" by Tania Aebi - Book Review

"Sailing There" by Patricia Vellinga - Book Review

"Complete Illustrated Sailboat Maintenance Manual" by Don Casey - Book Review

"Better Than Ever, Again" by Mitch Davies - Book Review

Sailor's Review of Movie All Is Lost

Review of As Long As It's Fun by Herb McCormick
Review of As Long As It's Fun by Herb McCormick is a wonderful biography of the great sailors Lin and Larry Pardey. Read the full review here.

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