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Test Your Knowledge of Navigational Aids


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Test Your Knowledge of Navigational Aids

Take This Fun Quiz to See What You May Not Know!

Take this quick quiz to see how much you know about aids to navigation - what you see on your charts or from your boat. How are your seamanship skills?

1. What does the saying "Red right return" mean?

2. How close can you safely come to a red and white lighted buoy?

3. First you pass a green can with the number 5 on it, and not long later you pass a red nun on the other side with the number 6 on it. Are you headed in to port or out to sea?

4. At night you are headed through a channel toward port when you see a daymark ahead (a small sign on a post). It is too dark to tell what color it is, but you can see that the sign has a triangular shape. To be safe, you should prepare to pass the daymark on which side?

5. As you are passing through a channel, you see ahead a can painted red on top and green beneath. How closely can you safely come to it?

6. What does a plain white buoy signify? (For bonus point, how is such a buoy indicated on a chart?)

7. You are in the Intracoastal Waterway headed from Chesapeake Bay to Florida. Ahead is marker with a yellow triangle on it. Which side should you pass it on?

8. On your chart you see a lighted buoy with the letters "FR" beside it. As you look ahead in the dark, what should you expect to see at the position of this buoy?

9. On your chart you see a buoy with the letters "WHIS" beside it. Describe the actual sound you should expect to hear when you get close enough.

10. You are sailing at night toward a dark coastline. Your chart shows a lighthouse with a height of 50 feet. Assume that when you stand up on deck, your eye is about 10 feet above the waterline. At what approximate distance from the lighthouse should you first see the light (assuming it is very bright)?

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