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Three Great and Easy Boat Foods


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Ready-to-Heat Entree
Pork Ribs

Lot of good boating cookbooks focus on easy-to-prepare recipes for meals cooked onboard. But sometimes you just take guests out for a day sail with lunch during or dinner afterwards, and in those cases it's a great idea to have food already onboard or ready to take along. Here are three great ideas for easy food for guests or hungry crew:

  • BBQ ribs or pulled pork ready to heat up
  • Boxed picnic lunches easy to keep stowed on the boat and ready to go
  • A deluxe dessert fit for the finest guests

For a hearty meal, place an order ahead for baby back ribs or pulled pork from Pig-of-the-Month. My crew and I enjoyed a tasty feast of both, which arrived fully cooked and packed in dry ice. Simply heated on your boat, adding your favorite accompanying BBQ sauce (ours was the Key West variety), the ribs make a delicious main course and the pulled pork hearty sandwiches. Since this meat is already cooked and frozen, you can store it in advance at home and simply take it along whenever needed.

It's a lot easier and faster than shopping and cooking yourself and makes a great gift for a special sailor - especially when you want to be invited aboard to partake of the feast! Check out the options at pigofthemonth.com.

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