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Life on a Sailboat

Living aboard either permanently or on an extended cruise is the dream of many sailors. Read about the equipment your boat may need and how to prepare for a wonderful life aboard, whether in a marina or exotic cruising grounds.

First Aid for Boaters
On land, help for an injury is usually only minutes away, but sailors need to be more self-sufficient and prepared for injuries that are common on boats. Here is the standard first aid for the most common boating injuries: bleeding, head injury, and hypothermia.

The Best Sailing Blogs
Blogs written by sailors provide a great wealth of information about their boats and their sailing experiences. You can learn much about how to outfit or upgrade your boat, about cruising destinations and experiences, about how to live aboard well and comfortably. Or you can simply enjoy reading a wide variety of sailing stories.

Sailors' Blogs - Shared Sailors' Stories
Find other sailors' blogs about their boats and experiences, and tell others about your own blog.

Review of The One Pan Galley Gourmet
Cooking healthy and tasty meals while cruising on a small boat involves some challenges. Authors Don Jacobson and John Roberts have developed a wide range of simple, interesting recipes using fresh ingredients but needing only limited galley room and utensils.

Sailors’ Blogs
An excellent way to learn what living on a sailboat is like is to read what other sailors have written. The SailBlogs web site collects the daily journals of hundreds of sailors around the world. See what concerns sailors have on extended cruises or just living in a harbor. Search for boats visiting ports you’re interested in. Here you can preview what your own life aboard a boat may be like.

Liveaboards Online Discussion Group
This online group has hundreds of people who either live aboard now or are contemplating moving aboard a boat soon. You can join the group and receive daily emails to hear what other liveaboards are interested in, or browse almost a decade of archived messages to hear how others have handled virtually every kind of liveaboard issue that may arise.

Provisioning for a Cruise without Refrigeration
Historically, and until relatively recently, long-range sailors needed lots of tricks for provisioning without refrigeration. Even today, many boats have only an icebox. Here’s an excellent article chockfull of tips for how to provision and eat well and heartily without refrigeration when at sea for weeks at a time. Learn what food to buy and how to store it to prevent spoiling.

Sailing and Cruising Stories
This site collects sailing cruisers’ logs and offers a wealth of other resources about life aboard a sailboat, including updates from ships currently at sea and a listing of sailing books available online.

Easy Boat Improvements 1 - Light and Physical Comforts
It's easy to make simple, inexpensive improvements inside your boat to make it more comfortable and pleasant to be aboard. These little things won't make your boat faster or safer, but they're satisfying additions that can help others, like family members, enjoy their time on the water. Here are four simple additions to bring more light and...

Easy Boat Improvements 2 - Galley Improvements
It's easy to make simple, inexpensive improvements in your boat's galley to make cooking and cleanup more pleasant. These little things help you enjoy cruising and enjoying mealtimes, whether when living aboard or just anchoring out for a weekend. Here are three simple galley improvements. Some also make great gifts for boaters.

Three Great and Easy Boat Foods
Meals onboard can be one of the joys of sailing, especially when you don't have to spend a lot of time shopping, preparing, and cooking. Here are some great prepared foods for lunch, dinner, and dessert you can keep ready to go on a moment's notice.

Review of Hypervent Condensation Preventer
Hypervent can help prevent moisture, mold, and odors from forming under your boat's mattresses and cushions. Read about this product and how to install it, along with other tips to keep your boat dry.

Best Sailing and Boating Apps
Many apps can help you out with navigation and other seamanship skills. Get started here.

Cooking with a Pressure Cooker on a Boat
Pressure cookers are ideal for a sailboat's galley because they save fuel, water, and time. Learn about how to use a pressure cooker.

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