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Learn About Sailboat Equipment, Personal Sailing Gear, and Boat Maintenance


Whether you own a sailboat or crew often on others’ boats, you need to know about equipment for the boat and personal gear that is essential or useful when sailing. Start here to learn about new and new equipment and gear as well as essential sailboat maintenance techniques.
  1. Equipment for the Boat
  2. Personal Gear
  3. Maintaining Your Sailboat

Equipment for the Boat

Lifesling system

A new boat owner has a lot to learn about essential and optional equipment on a boat, and even seasoned sailors stay interested in the newest gear coming onto the market. What works, and what’s best?

Personal Gear


Sailors typically have a lot of their own personal gear, ranging from the best clothing and shoes to safety equipment and all the little things that help make sailing and cruising more enjoyable. Here’s a selection of classic and new personal sailing items.

Maintaining Your Sailboat

line whipping

Owning a boat involves a lot of maintenance, whether it’s routine or seasonal or the repairing of things that break. Here are some maintenance techniques you’ll find useful.

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