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Best Sailing Gifts


Give the sailors you know something special and appropriate for sailing—a gift not for the boat but for that special person aboard.

Harbor Sweets

Harbor Sweets
Here’s a selection of chocolates and other treats in nautical shapes and designs, perfect for sailors with a sweet tooth. All are handmade in a traditional New England sailing town. My personal favorite is the Sweet Sloops, a sailboat-shaped almond butter crunch with a mainsail and jib of white chocolate floating in dark chocolate with pecan spindrift. Many different assortments and gift boxes.

Good Old Boat Gift Subscription

© Good Old Boat

The slogan for Good Old Boat magazine is “The Sailing Magazine for the Rest of Us!” Unless you’re shopping for or have just bought a brand-new sailboat, this magazine is chock-full of articles covering almost everything you need to keep your sailboat running or make upgrades you can do yourself. Well written, with beautiful and useful photos, Good Old Boat reviews classic sailboats, discusses the best gear, and gives step-by-step procedures for repairs and maintenance. They also have a great selection of books and clothing items that make excellent gifts.

Pentax WG-1 Waterproof Digital Camera

© Pentax

Here's a new palm-size 14-megapixel digital camera that is perfect for boaters. With a 5X optical zoom and a pages-long list of advanced features, this is not a point-and-shoot but a serious camera that happens to be tiny and—most important for sailors—waterproof (to 33 feet). Don’t worry about spray or rain, dust, or the shock of being dropped. Automatic focus and lots of mode settings let you grab shots on the fly, but other features like smile-recognition, close-ups, HDMI video, and onboard editing give you all the power you need. Plus you can use it snorkeling and take lengthy videos underwater! Long-lasting battery allows hundreds of shots between charges. GPS model offers location-tagging. And a choice of colors.

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Great Boat Galley Gifts

Spice Jars

Here are four great, useful products to enhance any boater’s galley.

SailorBags Tote or Duffel

© SailorBags

Combining good looks and the rugged construction of new sailcloth, SailorBags totes and duffels are a perfect way to carry gear and clothing aboard your boat. The triple-layer bottom resists wear and tear, and the water-resistant exterior and waterproof internal liner combine with a zippered top and pockets to protect your things against all the elements. What sailor doesn't like the appearance of sailcloth and stitching? Plus they're guaranteed for life. Available in various sizes and shapes for every need. New sailcloth items include accessories like wine bags, computer bags, and iPad sleeves - making perfect less expensive gifts!

Best Boating Apps

Boater's Pocket Reference app
There are many excellent apps for Apple and Android devices that sailors and other boaters will find useful. Browse through this guide to navigation, tides, and other boating apps.

Boat Name Gear

Boat Name Gear
A great gift for sailors is a shirt or boating item customized with the boat’s name, hailing port, or other personal information. Boat Name Gear has a wide variety of shirts, sweatshirts, hats, fleece vests and other apparel, as well as boat bags, boarding mats, and other gear that they customize just the way you want it. The shirts and fabrics are done with tasteful, quality embroidery that will make the wearer proud! Great for a gift to the captain or all the crew on a race boat. They also have a variety of interesting, useful, and entertaining nautical gifts well worth checking out.

Mr Beams UltraBright Lantern

The Mr Beams UltraBright Lantern is a good lantern for a boat when you need battery-powered light or to recharge your smartphone. Read the review here.


Survival Strap Fish Tail Bracelet for Sailors

Sailor Bracelet

The Survival Strap bracelet is an attractive piece of jewelry perfect for sailors who also appreciate its usefulness in an emergency. The bracelet unwinds to provide 15 feet of very strong cord for emergency use.

Keen Newport Sandals

© Tom Lochhaas

Probably the best sandals designed for boaters, the Keen Newport model is everything you could want in a boat shoe but with the cool comfort of a sandal. They have a sturdy, nonmarking sole that grips the deck wet or dry. They’re waterproof and comfortable after hours of wear. Best, and unlike most sandals, their design protects your toes from being stubbed when you’re moving quickly about on the boat. Available in several colors and men’s and women’s sizes. You’ll like them so much you’ll wear them everywhere!

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