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Origo Marine Stove and Oven

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Origo stove and oven

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The Bottom Line

The Origo nonpressurized alcohol stove with or without oven is a favorite of many boaters for its ease of use and safety features. It is a simple system virtually without moving parts, perfect for harsh marine environments. The spill-proof alcohol canisters, unlike propane systems, require no external tank or piping and avoid the risk of leaking explosive propane that settles into the bilges. Although it produces slightly less heat than propane or pressurized alcohol stoves, these disadvantages are outweighed by convenience and safety.


  • Safest marine fuel and stove type
  • Easy installation without tank locker, tubing, or solenoid needed
  • Simple functional design
  • Essentially break-proof with no moving parts


  • More expensive fuel, not available everywhere
  • Slightly slower cooking temperatures
  • Stove-oven model more expensive than many propane models


  • Nonpressurized alcohol cooking system
  • Available as 1- or 2-burner stove or as 2-burner model with gimbaled oven
  • Uses clean-burning denatured alcohol; no vent required
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Optional adjustable pop clamps available for stovetop burners

Guide Review - Origo Marine Stove and Oven

The Swedish-built Origo stovetop and oven are constructed of attractive, easy-to-maintain stainless steel. You simply pour the soot-free denatured alcohol into the canisters, which burn with a wicking action. The flame size is controlled with a simple dial that moves a shutter to expose more or less of the burning wick. A canister holds over a quart of fuel and will burn for 6-8 hours at a filling. Although the burners produce somewhat less heat than propane stoves, the difference in cooking time is almost unnoticeable.

The oven burns from a single burner, also controlled with a dial. Although it lacks a true thermostat, it is easy to control the oven temperature by monitoring the thermometer and adjusting the dial. Heavily constructed and insulated, the oven heats uniformly throughout. It also nicely warms the cabin on a chilly evening.

Although somewhat more expensive than many other stoves and ovens, the Origo is virtually indestructible and will repay the sailor with a lifetime of uncomplaining safe service. Extensively used throughout Europe, the Origo is becoming more popular in the U.S. Because fuel is less readily available in some places, however, cruising sailors will need to plan ahead and stock sufficient fuel.

Available at Defender, West Marine, and elsewhere. Stovetop priced online from $289 single or $313 double-burner; with oven from $1233.

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