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Review of Survival Strap Fish Tail Bracelet for Sailors

Cool to Wear and Useful in an Emergency


The Survival Strap bracelet is an attractive piece of jewelry perfect for sailors who also appreciate its usefulness in an emergency. You never know when you might suddenly need a length of strong line, and unwinding the Survival Strap provides about 15 feet of 550 pound test military-grade paracord ready for use.

Key Features

  • Rugged style looks good on a man's wrist - or a woman's
  • Available in some three dozen colors individually or in combination, in multiple sizes
  • Several varieties of closure hardware, including a sailorly shackle with clevis pin
  • Shackle-pin model includes optional break-away pin in case the bracelet snags on boat gear
  • Unraveling the woven cord is easy and provides up to 15 feet of 550-lb-test parachute cord for emergency use; the company replaces your strap for free if unraveled for emergency use
  • Survival Straps also sells a variety of customizable bracelets (such as medical alerts) and related accessories
  • Hand-made in America, with a portion of profits donated to firefighters, EMS, law enforcement, and the US military

Any sailor or other adventurer will realize the value of always having on your person a length of strong cord in an emergency or any situation when you just don't have a spare piece of line for an immediate need. The Survival Straps website includes a long list of customer stories of applications they have used the bracelet strap for, such as these:

  • A lifeguard used his strap cord to secure an oversized victim to a spinal backboard in a high seas rescue.
  • A backcountry cross-country skier used his strap cord to splint a friend's broken leg so that they could tow him to a rescue point.
  • A man in a canoe used his strap cord to reach and retrieve a young girl who had capsized and was tangled in branches underwater.
  • A soldier in Iraq hit by a mortar shot made a tourniquet from his strap cord and stopped the life-threatening bleeding from his leg wound.

It doesn't take much imagination to think of situations in which a sailor too might need a length of strong cord in a crisis.

Personal Review

I'm not normally big on men's jewelry, but the practicality of the Survival Strap bracelet caught my attention, and now I wear it always, everywhere. The stainless steel shackle and clevis pin of the Fish Tale model make it seem made just for sailors. While I hope to never be in an emergency to need it, it's nice to know I have this piece of gear on me.

I also really like the idea of the break-away pin. I used the stainless steel clevis pin at first but could only too easily imagine getting my wrist hung up on some boat equipment. This is just another sign of the thoughtfulness that went into the design.

Note: be sure to check the sizing information on the Survival Straps website and measure carefully. The manual that comes with the bracelet explains how you can shrink them a little if you order too large, and the shackle closure allows some size adjustment, but you'd like yours to fit so perfectly that you never want to take it off.

PS. Makes a great gift for a sailor!

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