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How to Repair Sunbrella


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Sunbrella Patch and Adhesive
Sunbrella Repair 1

Sailboat owners often have to repair rips, holes, or fraying in the marine canvas on their boats, which most commonly is made of Sunbrella fabric. Professional canvas repair work is generally expensive, and sewing heavy fabric like Sunbrella is difficult and usually requires a heavy-duty sewing machine. But it is easy and fast to mend Sunbrella with a patch using a fabric adhesive like Tear Mender.

Be sure to use only an adhesive like Tear Mender that adheres well to Sunbrella. Tear Mender sticks ferociously and remains flexible. It is available from Sailrite.com and other online sources.

The first step is to cut a patch that covers the area to be mended. Clean the fabric being repaired as well as possible, and make sure it is dry.

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