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All About Cruising in a Sailboat: Special Skills and Life Aboard


Cruising in a sailboat combines the skills of sailing with the pleasures of going places, living on the boat, and experiencing a water world to its fullest. Successful cruisers have developed additional skills and outfitted their boats for a safe, comfortable, pleasurable life aboard.
  1. Cruising Skills
  2. Life Aboard
  3. The Cruising Sailboat
  4. Cruising Destinations

Cruising Skills

Good sailing skills are important for cruising, as are additional skills you may not need for racing or daysailing. You'll need to understand more about weather, safety issues, navigation, anchoring in unfamiliar places, and other skills used more frequently when cruising.

Life Aboard

When cruising, you don't just head back to port when you're done sailing. Life aboard a cruising boat involves many of the same things as living in a house on land: food and shelter, personal health and well being, and enjoying your time.

The Cruising Sailboat

A sailboat doesn't have to be large to make for safe and enjoyable cruising, but it should be seaworthy and equipped for the basics of a sometimes unpredictable time on the water.

Cruising Destinations

You've got the boat, gear, and time - now, where to go for the best cruising experience?

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