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Advanced Sailing & Cruising

You’ve been sailing a while and have mastered the basic skills. Learn new skills, how to sail even a larger boat by yourself, and advanced navigation techniques. Improve your racing skills. Prepare for cruising for an extended time or crossing an ocean.

Here are the sailing medal winners and final competitor standings for all 10...
Here are the final results for the medal winners, by country and competitor name, for each of the ten 2012 sailing Olympic events and the final standings of selected English-speaking countries that competed in the races.

All About Cruising in a Sailboat: Special Skills and Life Aboard
Cruising in a sailboat combines the skills of sailing with the pleasures of going places, living on the boat, and experiencing a water world to its fullest. Successful cruisers have developed additional skills and outfitted their boats for a safe, comfortable, pleasurable life aboard.

ActiveCaptain Interactive Cruising Guidebook
Of all the websites and apps providing cruising sailors and boaters with information about marinas, anchorages, and local features, ActiveCaptain is the best. Learn more here.

Small Sailboat Racing Tactics
Racing a small sailboat involves more than just the ability to sail well. Your mind should be just as busy as your body, thinking about tactics and planning your next moves. Here's a place for sailboat racers to share to share strategies and talk about what has or has not worked in your own experience. See submissions See submissions

Review of Blue Water Sailing Magazine
Blue Water Sailing is a magazine primarily intended for sailors with advanced skills and ambitions for long-distance cruising. Its cruising stories and equipment reviews provide in-depth information for those preparing their own boats for voyages.

33rd America’s Cup Sail Race 2010
The 33rd America's Cup Race was held in February 2010 in Valencia, Spain. Read all about it!

Profile of America’s Cup Sail Racer Larry Ellison
Larry Ellison, CEO of the Oracle Corporation, is funding and organizing the BMW Oracle Team’s bid to win the America’s Cup sail race in 2010, and sails aboard as Afterguard. His 90-foot trimaran pitted against Alinghi’s catamaran will make for an exciting race!

Seven Seas Cruising Association
The SSCA is an organization joined by many long-distance cruisers. It provides members with many resources for information about cruising and ports of call around the world. Nonmembers too can gain much information about advanced cruising issues through thousands of posts archived on topics covering all aspects of boats, cruising, equipment, and living aboard.

Cruising Rally Association
The Cruising Rally Association organizes cruising flotillas to help you gain offshore experience in the safety of group. Take your own boat or crew on another’s. Their premier event each year is the Caribbean 1500 fall passage from the lower Chesapeake to the Virgin Islands. Benefits include boat inspection for safety gear, seminars, and social events.

The World of Sailing Racing
Sailing World magazine is one of the premier publications for racing. Their web site includes sailing news, updates on major world sail races, and a regatta calendar of events in all locations. Whether you’re taking up college racing, thinking of competing in a yacht club circuit, or just want to improve your skills, this site has something for everyone.

Offshore Sailing School
The Offshore Sailing School run by two of the most respected names in sailing, Steve and Doris Colgate, will teach you the advanced sailing and cruising skills you need to feel comfortable taking your own boat offshore the first time. Cruising courses include Live Aboard Cruising (good preparation for chartering), a Private Cruising Course for Two, and Ocean Passage Making.

34th Americas Cup Sail Race 2013
The America’s Cup race in 2013 will be a very different race of fast catamarans. Learn all about what’s new in the America’s Cup 34.

What to Do if Your Prop Gets Tangled
It happens to every sailor eventually: motoring through an area of lobster traps or crab pots, or even through open water, a line or piece of net catches in your prop and the engine abruptly stalls and won't restart. More than just an annoyance, a fouled prop can suddenly create a dangerous situation. To get free safely and without damage, you...

How to Tow a Dinghy
How best to tow a dinghy behind a sailboat is a classic dilemma about which sailors have many different opinions. The best method often depends on the type and size of the dinghy, the type and size of the sailboat, and wind and sea conditions. The best advice is to consider all your options at the time and remain flexible to make changes once underway. Read about your choices here.

"Cruising for Seniors" by Paul Keller - Book Review
The focus of this slim volume is clear in its title, and it's an important book for sailors who are getting on in years and perhaps reluctant to go seriously cruising because of possible age-related issues. Read the full review here.

How to Heave To a Sailboat
Heaving to is a valuable skill for all sailors when the wind or waves get up or you want to stop or steady the boat for any reason while underway. Although it is easy to heave to in theory, in reality it depends on many different factors involving the boat and conditions. Read this article to learn how to heave to in your own boat.

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