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Boating Safety Quiz


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Boating Safety Quiz

Take This Fun Quiz to See What You May Not Know!

Take this quick quiz to see how much you know about the principles of boating safety. How are your seamanship skills?

1. List five things you should show and tell to guests and crew before heading out in your boat.

2. Name at least two key things you should do before a day of boating - even before you go to the boat.

3. What is the single most important thing you can do to stay alive when you go boating?

4. After a PFD, what is the most important essential safety equipment you should carry on your boat?

5. Who should you file a float plan with before going out for the day?

6. What are jacklines used for?

7. When would you gain from having an AIS system on your boat?

8. If you are using a GPS chart app on your phone for navigation, can you safely come very close to rocks and underwater obstructions as long as your boat's icon on the screen does not touch the icon of the obstruction?

9. You are on a powerboat proceeding straight down a channel on the right side. Ahead, a sailboat under sail seems to crossing the channel on a diagonal course and may be in your way. What action should you take?

10. You've just turned your boat into a channel leading to your harbor. Ahead is a red buoy. Which side of it do you pass on?

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