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Quiz: What to Do When You Run Aground in a Sailboat?


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Running Aground Quiz

Take This Fun Quiz to See What You May Not Know!

1. You're sailing along at 6 knots in your 30-footer with your family when abruptly you run aground and the boat comes to a grinding halt. What is the first thing you should do?

2. True or false: when aground on a sandbar and trying to reverse back out on engine power, you should continue revving the engine in reverse even if you haven't budged after about a minute. Bonus point: why or why not?

3. You are sailing downwind when you run hard aground on what the chart indicates is a rocky ledge. How can you get off the ledge using your sails?

4. You've run aground and seem stuck fast. You've tried everything you can think of and are wondering if you can kedge off with an anchor. Unfortunately, you don't have a dinghy to row the anchor out to deep water. Do you have any other options?

5. List three ways you can try to heel the boat over to reduce draft hopefully enough to get free of the bottom when aground.

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