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Learn to Sail (Everything You Need to Know) - Sailing - About.com
You can learn to sail more easily than you may think. Get started here with the main parts of a sailboat and how to use each, from sails to rigging to rudder. Learn ...
Learn to Sail - How to Sail a Small Sailboat - Sailing - About.com
It's easy to learn how to sail a small sailboat. Here's a full, illustrated course that begins with the parts of a sailboat and teaches how to rig and sail the boat with ...
Learn How to Sail a Sailboat - Sailing - About.com
There are many ways to learn to sail. You can just jump in a boat with a friend and try to learn from experience. You can sign up for a formal course at a sailing  ...
About Sailing: Techniques, Sailboats, Learn to Sail
Learn about sailing and how to sail, navigate, and maintain a boat. Included are types of boats, equipment and gear, laws, safety and popular destinations.
Learn How to Sail a Small Sailboat – 3. Basic Sailing ... - About.com
Here are the basic techniques for sailing a small daysailer. This is Part 3 in the full course for learning to sail a small boat. See Parts 1 and 2 first to learn the ...
Learn How to Sail a Small Sailboat - The Parts of a Sailboat - Sailing
The first step in learning how to sail a small sailboat is to learn about the different parts of the boat and its rigging. Learn it all here.
Learn How to Sail a Small Sailboat - How to Rig the Boat - Sailing
Before going sailing on a small boat, you usually need to rig the boat with the sails, sheets, rudder, and other gear. Follow these steps to learn how to rig the boat ...
How to Choose a Sailing School - Finding a Sailing School
When it comes to learning to sail or improving your sailing skills, what exactly are you seeking? Have you thought through your short- and long-term goals?
Learn How to Sail a Small Sailboat - Learn More Skills - Sailing
Tom Lochhaas. Parts 1 to 5 in this learn-to-sail course have covered all the basics for how to sail a small daysailer. The best thing now is to get out there and sail ...
Get Started Sailing - About.com
Getting started sailing involves learning about sailboats and number of skills needed for sailing. Start here for an introduction to sailboats and basic sailing ...
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