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How to Trim the Jib Using Telltales - Sailing - About.com
The easiest and most efficient way to trim the jib is to pay attention to telltales at the sail's leading edge. The telltales show you when to pull in the sail or let it out  ...
How to Read the Wind When Sailing - Indicators - About.com
Learn to read the wind on and off the sailboat for best sail trim and speed. ... fly may simply have telltales on the shrouds to help one judge wind direction.
Basic Sailboat Terms (Parts of a Sailboat) - Sailing - About.com
Many special terms are used for the parts of a sailboat and sailing equipment on a ... Telltales - Pieces of yarn or ribbons on the luff of a sail to help with trimming,  ...
HOW TO SAIL - Macgregor 26
The jib, however, comes with built in streamers (called "tell tales") to make it easy. The streamers are about 12" in from the front edge of the sail. There are 2 sets, ...
Learn How to Sail a Small Sailboat - Basic Sailing Techniques
When the sail is in trim, these streamers, called telltales, blow back straight on both sides of the sail. Here is a view of what jib telltales look like and how to trim a ...
Review of 3D Sailing Simulator Regatta Game App - 3D ... - About.com
Choose the best course downwind on a broad reach for maximum speed. Watch the sail's telltale to trim best for your point of sail. And watch that your sail isn't ...
Roller Furling Jibs - Sailing - About.com
As you continue to pull out the jib with the jibsheet, enough of the sail will ... When the jib is all the way out, cleat the furling line and trim the jib using its telltales.
Learn to Sail (Everything You Need to Know) - Sailing - About.com
It's probably easier to learn how to sail than you think. You can learn through an organized program or on your own. Here you can get started learning the main ...
Jibsheet Cleat - Sailing - About.com
The first step in learning how to sail a small sailboat is to learn about the ... How to Trim the Jib Using Telltales · How to Dock a Sailboat Under Sail · How to ...
Points of Sail off Wind - Sailing - About.com
"Point of sail" refers to the angle of the sailboat to the direction from which the wind is ... See also how to trim the jib using telltales and how to read the wind.
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