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History of Islam in America - Islam in America Today - About.com
Islam has a long history in America. There were many Muslims among the slaves brought to the U.S. from Africa. During the Civil Rights Era, many ...
5 Things Not to Do in South America
Without trying to discourage people from visiting South America or imposing unwritten rules, travelers often make the same mistakes and it can really hinder their ...
Traveling in Central America - Trip Planning & More
Central America travel: including Central America travel in Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, El Salvador and Guatemala. About.com is the ...
South America Travel Guide
South America travel: including Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Chile , Paraguay, Uruguay, venezuela, Suriname, French Guiana and Guyana on ...
The Top 10 Foods America Gave the World
This impressive list of foods are all indigenous to America. Brought back to Europe and Asia by the early explorers, many of these ingredients are now key ...
Terrorism in America - Historical Guide - About.com
Terrorism in America goes back to the founding days of the colony, and has continued to this day.
A German Attack On America? - European History - About.com
One, dating from 1897, planned a sea-borne invasion of Norfolk, Hampton and the Newport News, areas of America that were considered particularly vulnerable  ...
Central America Vaccinations - Central America Travel - About.com
Central America Vaccinations: It's always smart to be up-to-date on standard vaccinations. But when you're traveling to a tropical region like Central America, ...
South America's Top UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Many travelers collect UNESCO sites as proud travelers badges and are delighted to find so many sites in South America. Here are a handful of the best:.
Rainy Season in Central America
Rainy Season in Central America: Central America rainy season doesn't have to ruin your Central America vacation!
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